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5 Quick, but Powerful, Changes to Implement on your Practice’s Instagram Profile!

Before you focus on creating a perfect social media strategy or running ads to bring in more patients, you need the foundation of your social media page to be strong. You’d be wasting time [and quite frankly, money] by leading people to a social media page that leaves them wondering what you even do. Before you spend your energy on any other piece of the social media puzzle, upgrade your Instagram profile. 

These 5, easy to implement, Instagram profile changes will boost the SEO on your profile and make it very clear to your potential patients what you do and how you serve them

When potential patients find themselves on your Instagram page, you’ve got one shining moment to capture them! That moment is your Instagram biography. The biography is the top portion of your Instagram profile that includes a profile picture, username, name, short bio, a link, and highlights. We will cover what each of those parts is throughout this blog. These pieces, combined, are the first impression that potential patients will have of your social media page! Is yours ready to go?

Parts of an Instagram profile: 

Parts of an instagram profile

There are six elements that, collectively, are referred to as your Instagram “Biography” or “Profile”. They are the first thing users see when they visit your page. Each piece serves a valuable purpose, let’s talk about it! 

Username & Profile Name:

These are both searchable on Instagram, which means that as people are looking for “pediatric PT in XXX” your profile is more likely to show up if these two pieces are clear. An ideal Instagram profile has a username that reflects the business name and a profile name that supplements the username. If your username is “Well Family Chiropractic”, your profile name should not be the same. Instead, use that space for the primary practitioner or your location. For example, “Dr. XXX XXXX” or “Pediatric Chiropractor | Jacksonville, FL” By using two different names that both relate to your practice, you give potential patients double the opportunity to find you. 

Profile Picture:

When choosing a profile picture we want it to be simple and clear but indicative of what the business is about! Ideally, we would use a logo here. If your logo is not fitted correctly for an Instagram profile, then choose a clear image of yourself. A headshot is great for that! Avoid photos that are zoomed out too far or cluttered. Remember, this is a small space. 


Your Instagram biography is like your 30-second elevator pitch. We want it clear and concise! The intention is to cover who you serve and how you serve them. Try using 3-4 bullet points that highlight your location, who you serve, and how you serve them.


The Instagram link is the opportunity to pull people into your site. The first choice is a system called LinkTree. It essentially lets you list 4 of the most visited pages on your site. This means that people will click to exactly where they need to versus landing on the home page and getting lost in the entire website. 

Instagram highlights:

These are spaces to store quick videos or pictures that give your audience an opportunity to peek into your practice and see how you serve people! This is a perfect place to show bring people behind the scenes, introduce them to the practitioners and office staff that they’ll encounter, and share testimonials! When making highlights for your profile, aim for 5 separate sections. 

How to Update Your Instagram Profile

Updating the Instagram profile for your practice is as easy as a click of one button. And, of course, the brainpower to think of each of the pieces mentioned above! Once you’ve got your updates on hand – saved into your phone notes, scribbled on paper, or however, you choose to organize yourself – follow the steps below!

  1. Navigate to your profile by tapping your image on the bottom right of your mobile app.
  2. Just beneath your biography, you’ll find the “Edit Profile” button. Tap that button.
  3. Your app will display a screen where you can edit each piece of your profile. 
  4. Once you’ve made the adjustments, tap “Done” in the top right of your screen. 
  5. Review your profile to make sure the changes appear!

How to Update Your Instagram Profile (Desktop App)

How to edit your instagram profile on desktop app
  1. Navigate to your profile by clicking your image in the top right of your desktop screen. 
  2. Once you click your image, a menu will dropdown. Click “Profile”
  3. To the right of your username, click the “Edit Profile” button.
  4. You’ll be brought to a screen where you can edit each piece of your profile. 
  5. Once you’ve made the adjustments, tap “Submit” at the bottom of the screen. 
  6. Review your profile to make sure that the changes appear!

Voila!  Your Instagram Profile is Ready to Serve YOU and Your Potential Patients

With your new and improved Instagram profile, you are ready to “meet” each and every potential patient that wanders your page! I challenge you to update this one little piece of your social media puzzle and take note of how your engagement and traffic improve! 

An Instagram Upgrade is a one-off service that I offer to pediatric specialists who are looking to revamp their appearance online. If you’d rather hand this process over to someone with the experience to make it shine, message me, and let’s connect! 

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