Create 5 Pieces of Content from One Topic in Your Pediatric Practice

How to repurpose content for pediatric practices

There’s no reason to burn yourself out making content for your pediatric practice. As a practitioner, you are time-starved as it is. If you add writing blogs, emails, or social media posts to your plate, they often get swept off at the end of the day.

This content repurposing process will walk you through creating one large piece of content and then spreading that piece out for weeks.

To begin the process, you will need just one blog.

Choose one topic that you KNOW your patients want to read about. If you are a pediatric therapist, that topic might be “How to explain physical therapy to a child” – which is a TOP google search in the last 24 hours.

If blogging is new territory for you, check out this article that walks you through blogging step-by-step and is specific to pediatric specialists. This initial piece of content is going to be the foundation of all other pieces. This is the one piece that will consume your time – and generally can be done in an hour or less.

Some offices choose for the practitioner to write the blog, others have the care advocates write the blogs, and some choose to hire someone (like me) to write the blog for them.

Once you’ve got your blog written, you can pass it to a care advocate, other office staff, or virtual assistant to repurpose it into all of the other valuable pieces.

blogging for pediatric doctors

Content Repurpose Phase Number 1:

The first step after writing the blog is to use it in video format. This is the perfect role to delegate to a care advocate because they have a working understanding of the topic within the blog. Your care advocate, or another staff member, can prop their phone on a tripod and go live on your social media page talking about the topic and educating your followers. The blog will serve as the outline and speaking points for this video.

Once they have completed the live session, the social media platform will give them the choice to save/download the video. They need to save the video at this point and send it to a file on the office computer.

Now, upload that video to YouTube. You can either upload it as the raw version or have someone edit it. Fiverr is an excellent source for an affordable freelancer who can edit your video quickly.

Using the same video (the file version, NOT the YouTube link), have your office assistant OR freelancer that you’ve hired clip this video into 1-minute bites that can stand on their own. Meaning sentences are not cut off in the middle and the video makes sense. These one-minute bites can be uploaded to social media platforms like Instagram Reels or TikTok. Depending on how many 1-minute clips you are able to get from your long-form video, this could get you MANY pieces to upload.

Content Repurpose Phase Number 2:

This phase is far less complicated than phase 1, so if you are still reading this – kudos to you for sticking through phase 1!

This phase begins with the written blog. This entire phase is also something you can delegate to an office staff member or freelancer.

Use the blog as the foundation for a newsletter to send to your current (and past) patients. The first paragraph – or so – can be copied and pasted into the email newsletter. Then your CA or freelancer can add a link back to the blog that is actually posted on your site. This will pull people to your website and give them a chance to explore more.

Your blog will be answering one major topic, but within the blog, you will certainly cover other bits of information. Take pieces of the blog and create social media posts with them. That might look like pulling one powerful quote and turning it into a graphic. Or you can use a paragraph from the blog as a social media caption and pair it with a picture from your practice. Get creative here! Again, this is something that a staff member or freelancer can do.

Content repurposing for pediatric doctors

Work SMARTER not HARDER when you’re making content!

You hear this phrase all of the time, but until you know how to put it into practice, it is just a meaningless string of words. Use this guide to consistently have content going into the universe. The more content that your practice can get online, the more opportunity for your ideal patients to see you.

The benefit to posting about one topic in multiple ways (text, video, graphics) is that your ideal patients won’t all want to consume your information the same way. So you are give people the chance to be educated in a way that they like.

As you repeat this process, you will build a large bank of content that is perfect for your practice. In time, you can hire a virtual assistant to just post the already-created content for your practice.

If you’ve got questions about how to repurpose content for your practice, leave a comment and let’s chat!

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