We write incredible content for family chiropractors

who are ready to confidently outsource their blogging, social media content and email marketing to a team of women invested in understanding their practice.

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Does this sound familiar…

  • You don’t have the time to write your own content, but you can never find someone who understands chiropractic care to its core and can communicate it through your content.
  • Everyone you’ve ever hired to write your content sounds robotic, is factually incorrect, and does not truly share the impact of chiropractic on families. You would rather just write it yourself than spend so much time editing.
  • You know that being consistent online is important but you don’t have the time to do it, you don't know how to do it - and frankly you don’t have the time to learn.
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Imagine this...

  • Working with a team of women who are committed to learning everything about your practice, your perfect patients and you from the very beginning so that we can nail your brand voice.
  • Reviewing your month’s worth of content written for you and being blown away by how similar it is to your own writing. One tap to approve is all the effort you’d put into the process.
  • Having a team behind you who keeps your content flowing in your voice, keeps your audience engaged and lets you know (with numbers!) how your profiles are doing.

Here's how we help

Your social dream.

As you are working in your zone of genius for your business, Team JMM is:

Tweaking your profile’s biography to be the best at drawing your dream patients in and leading them to your site

Curating each caption for you, in your voice, based on the custom strategy we’ve designed for you

Editing your photos or creating graphics as needed that flow perfectly with your practice branding 

Researching your ideal patient and targeting them through a custom hashtag strategy 

Posting each piece of content for you on the best days & times for YOUR profiles

Consistently monitoring the data to be sure that the strategy is working towards your goals

It's a hot topic.

You know it is important - we know it is important - but do you have time to do it? Team JMM takes the weight of blogging off your shoulders by: 

Researching the EXACT topics that your patients (and potential patients) are searching for on Google and planning a blog post strategy that will answer every question they have 

Diving deep into articles and journals that relate to your blog topics and building our knowledge of your industry so that your blogs are accurate and up to date 

Curating engaging and insightful blogs that make your audience eager to keep reading - AND make Google pretty dang happy

Posting each blog directly to your website for you

 No, email marketing is not dead!

It’s actually where most of your lead nurturing is done. While it might seem like Greek to you, Team JMM supports you in email marketing with:

An initial upload of all of your contacts into your email marketing software 

An in depth look into what has worked in the past with your emails, and what has not worked

A bespoke newsletter design that is engaging for your readers and completely on brand 

Email content that is aligned with your brand voice and leads your clients through their customer journey

Consistent monitoring of data and strategy adjustments

If you're in a place where you have the time to commit to creating your own content but don't how HOW or WHERE to start, a VIP day is the perfect fit for you!
This all-in experience with Jessica will leave you feeling confident in your content creation and armed with so many tools to make it happen! You will leave this VIP day with:

90 days of custom content ideas based on your business, your brand, and your voice with prompts to start your captions

150 hashtags catered to your ideal client and your business/industry 

An Instagram audit with suggestions on how to update your bio to make it irresistible to your dream client. 

Clarity on what makes you & your business different and how to leverage that in your content creation 

Clarity on who your ideal client is and how you can direct your writing to them to make them feel seen and heard

Tools, tips and strategies to implement your content plan, engage with your online community, and build your online presence. 

Access to the Reels 101 : The Basics course 

Access to my coveted Conquer Your Content course to reinforce what we cover in this VIP day!

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Profile Visits

Because the #1 fear we hear is that a brand's voice will get lost when they outsource content creation, we've developed a unique onboarding system that focuses completely on understanding a brand BEFORE writing copy

Here's how it works!

Step One:
In Depth Discovery Call

This is the first date of ALL first dates. You are deciding if you are ready to hand over a piece of your practice that you’ve built with your whole soul. During this discovery call, we are both testing the waters to see if our personalities mesh! The foundation of a solid business relationship is communication and this is the time to make sure you are comfortable with Team JMM. 

Step Two:
Getting To Know Your Brand

When the first date is a hit (& we team up, yay!) this is the second date! I’m meeting your parents and things are pretty serious.

This is the phase when you bring me into your practice. You share all the beautiful details that make it unique. We dig into your WHY and what guides your moral compass. You share what lights you up and how your practice changes the world - because it does. There is no question too small and I want to know everything. 


Using a combination of written responses and recorded Zoom calls, we learn everything about your brand and practice and begin to develop your client profile that will guide us through our entire time working with you! 


This is where you will feel the relief of bringing in support. From this time forward, you will experience a primarily hands-off system of perfectly crafted content being made for you. 


Researching Your Industry - After you’ve shared each perfect detail of your practice, Team JMM digs into the nitty-gritty background information of what makes your industry tick. We are learning the nuances of your industry lingo, finding your competitors and role models alike. We’re uncovering who your target audience is and exactly how to reach them. This phase gives us the spine that we build your content around - but what really makes your content special is when we combine this research-driven component with YOUR unique and beautiful practice.

Step Three:
Custom Strategy Creation

Team JMM is using everything that we’ve discovered about you, your brand, and your unique practice and combining it with strategies that we know are effective. We’re crafting a completely unique strategy for your content that showcases everything your audience wants and needs to know to make a decision to commit to you.

Step Four:
Curating Your Copy

This is where the magic happens - where the in-depth research and foundation of our relationship creates something that will make your heart sing. Using each detail that we have about you we curate your bespoke content. Each piece is written with YOU and YOUR BRAND in mind.  The result is something as authentic as you are. Something that you are completely blown away by and confident in. The content will read like it came from your fingertips and your audience will still be getting a piece of the unique YOU. 

Step Five:
Your Insight Matters

We know relinquishing control is hard - that’s why we’ve integrated an approval step into our coveted process. As your content is created, you will receive links to easily read and approve each piece. With the click of a button you let us know that the content is perfect to post OR that a few edits are needed. We value each bit of feedback you provide because it brings us closer to nailing your voice.

Step Six:
The Hands Off Posting For You

After approving your curated content, the rest is in our hands. You shift your focus to your zone of genius in your practice and we’ll manage the day-to-day posting of your content and engagement with your audience. You can go back to enjoying the “social” part of social media!

Step Seven:
Assurance That Your Content is Effective

While the focus of our services is capturing your voice through our copywriting, we still believe strongly that our work should show tangible results. Each quarter you will receive a data report that outlines the most important details. We track how many eyes see your content and which of those eyes take the next step into your website.


Because we work so closely with your practice to understand and represent YOUR voice, there are a few things that need to be in place to be a custom content client. 

  1. You need a website 
  2. You need photos - professional and candid
  3. You need testimonials
  4. You need a Facebook business page
  5. You need an Instagram account


With these things and our background knowledge of chiropractic, we can create incredible content for you. 

When the thought of opening your app and writing a post makes you feel overwhelmed…it’s time. When you don’t even know what to post or how to know that your content is “working”...it’s time. Social media management and content writing are both HUGE pieces of your business. Each could arguably be a full time job. If they are not what lights you up - hand it over!

  • Social media management is the actual creation of social media posts, the daily engagement that builds your audience and brings people to your profile and the constant tracking of data and adjusting the strategy as needed. 
  • Blog writing is a long form copywriting skill set. While both social media management and blogging require a strong copywriting knowledge, blogs go a few steps further. Blogs are important for traffic to your website and there are strategies that blog writers use to increase that traffic flow!

Because each business is unique, so are their needs. This makes naming one price a huge challenge! It is fair to expect an investment between $1,000 and $2,000 monthly to work with The Chiropractic Content Creator.

In a dream world your social profiles would go viral in week one and the traffic to your website jumps 10 fold! But in the social media management world, data shows us that it takes 3-6 months to see the full effect of a well designed strategy! But don’t worry, that does not mean you won’t see numbers rising in the first months, too!

Google Drive is our best friend. We share a collection of folders that we each can access. You’ll regularly update this folder with photos or information and we pull from there.

As part of our commitment to a strong relationship with our clients, we do quarterly check-ins! These are the perfect time to update us on new services, new staff, upcoming events or even a special moment from the month before you’d love to share. 

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