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For the full experience of enjoying handing these tasks over, I recommend having a website that is operational, a collection of images that represent you, your practice and your culture, and an email marketing platform. 

These might sound daunting, but the odds are you have them all already! 

When the thought of opening your app and writing a post makes you feel overwhelmed…it’s time. When you don’t even know what to post or how to know that your content is “working”’s time. Social media management and content writing are both HUGE pieces of your business. Each could arguably be a full time job. If they are not what lights you up - hand it over!

  • Social media management is the actual creation of social media posts, the daily engagement that builds your audience and brings people to your profile and the constant tracking of data and adjusting the strategy as needed. 
  • Blog writing is a long form copywriting skill set. While both social media management and blogging require a strong copywriting knowledge, blogs go a few steps further. Blogs are important for traffic to your website and there are strategies that blog writers use to increase that traffic flow!

Because each business is unique, so are their needs. This makes naming one price a huge challenge! It is fair to expect an investment between $1,000 and $2,000 monthly to partner with J Mercer Marketing.

In a dream world your social profiles would go viral in week one and the traffic to your website jumps 10 fold! But in the social media management world, data shows us that it takes 3-6 months to see the full effect of a well designed strategy! But don’t worry, that does not mean you won’t see numbers rising in the first months, too!

Google Drive is our best friend. We share a collection of folders that we each can access. You’ll regularly update this folder with photos or information and we pull from there.

As part of our commitment to a strong relationship with our clients, we do monthly check-ins! These are the perfect time to update us on new services, new staff, upcoming events or even a special moment from the month before you’d love to share.