Are Instagram hashtags still important in 2023?


Do you want more people (aka more potential patients) to see your Instagram content? Instagram Hashtags are one of the most important tools that you need. They are used to categorize content on Instagram and make it easier for all users to find related posts. When you click on a hashtag, it will take you to a dedicated page where you can see all the posts that have used that same hashtag. Instagram hashtags can make or break your Instagram strategy. By using them correctly, you’ll get your posts seen by more people. 

Wondering if they are still important for your Instagram? Let’s jump right into it.

Are Instagram hashtags still important?

Yes, hashtags still work. It’s important to remember that hashtags aren’t going anywhere in 2023. In fact, they’re back in full force. With a strategic and creative approach, they can be an extremely powerful tool for reaching your target audience and promoting your content. When you use hashtags, you’re raising your potential for precious online engagement with your targeted audience.

Hashtags play an important role in connecting potential patients with your practice. 

Users search for and follow specific hashtags on Instagram because they want to see new content associated with those topics. So for example, if your target audience is a holistic-minded mother who would likely be interested in gut health, whole body health, and outdoor activities, they would “follow” hashtags like #guthealth or #toddleractivities. 

Instagram uses hashtags like a “filing cabinet” and categorizes posts. So, if someone uses Instagram as a search platform and searches something like #pediatricchiropractor, your post will not appear unless you have used this hashtag. So, if you want to grow your Instagram audience, start by including hashtags that are most relevant to your content and target audience. This means that instead of using popular hashtags with millions of posts, you should focus on using niche hashtags with fewer posts but a more engaged and interested audience.

How many hashtags to use on Instagram?

As of 2023, adding hashtags to the caption is an excellent way to promote your content in front of the new Instagram audience. Your hashtags on Instagram can help you find the right audience for your posts. Instagram lets you include up to 30 hashtags in their post captions. However, it is advised to stick to a 3-5 hashtag limit in captions.

But, don’t be afraid to experiment with what works for your practice. Try to see what’s most effective for you. Try to keep an eye on your hashtag analytics and use different numbers and combinations of hashtags. When you test a variety of options for your practice, you’ll get a clearer picture of what you should be replicating. The correct answer to how many hashtags should be used for Instagram is – what works for you!


If you haven’t already started harnessing the power of hashtags, it is time to begin. Don’t miss out on this powerful way to get your brand in front of the right people. If you use hashtags correctly, you’ll likely begin to see how hashtags can play an important role in your marketing strategy. If you aren’t sure which hashtags are best for family chiropractors, download our free guide!

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