Is your Practice’s Instagram Profile helping you attract and convert patients?

A digital first impression is a real thing! Does your profile put its best foot forward? 

In an era where, more often than not, patients are turning to social media to scope out a practice, having an updated and easy-to-understand profile can be the difference between a new conversion or not. 

On Instagram, your practice has a “profile”. That is where all of your photos are posted and where people land when they click directly on your Instagram link or search for your practice name.  Your practice’s profile has 6 major components that, collectively, give all of the information someone would need to explore your practice more. 

I’ve created an easy-to-understand checklist for you to make sure your profile is ready to rock for any patient (or their parent!) who visits. Plus, you’ll find tips for updating your profile if it needs a little love! 

Download this checklist for a quick, but powerful, Instagram audit!

If Instagram is not as familiar to you, keep reading! I explain each individual piece of your profile and WHY they matter. 

Parts of an Instagram profile: 

There are six elements that, collectively, are referred to as your Instagram “Biography” or “Profile”. They are the first thing users see when they visit your page. Each piece serves a valuable purpose, let’s talk about it! 

Username & Profile Name: These are both searchable on Instagram, which means that as people are looking for “pediatric PT in XXX” your profile is more likely to show up if these two pieces are clear.

Profile Picture: When choosing a profile picture we want it to be simple and clear but indicative of what the business is about! 

Biography: Your Instagram biography is like your 30-second elevator pitch. It is the 3-4 lines of text that explain who you are and what you do. 

Link: The Instagram link is the opportunity to pull people directly into your website. 

Instagram highlights: these are spaces to store quick videos or pictures that give your audience an opportunity to peek into your practice and see how you serve people! 

Now that you know what the profile parts are, scroll back up to download the checklist, and Voila! 

Not sure HOW to update your profile? We are talking literally the logistics in this blog. Where to click…where to type… ALL the details.

With your new and improved Instagram profile, you are ready to “meet” each and every potential patient that wanders your page! I challenge you to download this checklist and update this one little piece of your social media puzzle!

Looking for more in-depth teaching on how to use your Instagram as a strong conversion tool for your practice? Check out my Conquer your Content Course. It is an all-inclusive video + written + downloadable course that guides you through EVERY step of updating your profile, creating a social media strategy, curating branded graphics, writing your content, and all of the tools that I use to write content for my pediatric clients. 

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