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5 Valentine’s Day Posts your Followers will LOVE

YIKES a holiday is coming! What do we post?! Let’s just wait to see what everyone else does and copy them….

No, my friends. Use these 5 Valentine’s Day post ideas and pre-plan your super cute and creative post. SET the trends that everyone will follow.

Whether you like to be punny, mushy or sarcastic on this day of love, there is a post idea for you here.

Just remember……

This is NOT the day to hit your followers with education, sales, or anything but fun loving happiness.

1 | Get punny this V-Day

If fun-loving humor is your go-to, hit your followers with a punny. This super-simple graphic was created on Canva in about 30 seconds. Make something unique this year! This is a list of 75 puns but I am sharing my top 5 here!

  • I’m ready to take it from “cacti” to “cactus.”
  • You’ve got me feline fine.
  • I puggin’ love you.
  • Will you brie mine?
  • You’re all that and dim sum.

Which will you use?

2 | A quick boomerang to show your quirky office

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times! Your followers want to see the faces behind a business. This Valentine’s Day, try creating a quick boomerang that showcases the silly in your office. Think – shaking a rose towards the camera or passing a valentine to a friend.

A boomerang is a super short video made of quick snapshots but UNLIKE reels, you do not have to edit anything. Whew. This article perfectly explains how to make a boomerang.

This quick & unique way to share a message will definitely get your followers excited!

3 | An Instagram Reel with a Valentine’s Twist

Reels are ALL the rage right now and they are the best way to reach the most people. They’re also highly addicting and super consumable. Your followers will be impressed that you whipped up a Valentines Day-themed reel just for them! Just remember, Reels are meant to show your personality, so jazz it up!

Here are three ideas to get your reels…I mean gears…turning:

  • List 5 things you LOVE about Valentine’s Day
  • List 5 things you dislike about Valentine’s Day (for my humurous folks)
  • List the top 5 V-Day gifts you’ve ever gotten

If making a reel feels overwhelming AF – check out this mini-course that walks you through how to make a reel. It gets down to the basics so you leave feeling ready to record.

4 | Show your followers some LOVE this V-Day

After all, your followers are your number 1 supporters and your biggest fans. Take this opportunity to show your appreciation towards them. This is great for the mushy at heart (ME!) who just need a reason to pour out their emotions!

Detail specific reasons why you appreciate your awesome audience, and share what you’ve accomplished thanks to their support.

Remember – be AUTHENTIC. Your audience loves that.

5 | Celebrate the Galentine’s in your Life

LADIES, we have to stick together! Every year, Galentine’s day gains more and more popularity. How could it not? It’s a day to spend time with your favorite gal-pals, indulge in the best snack and champagne, and celebrate your friendship.

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13, so this would be a GREAT post to kick off Valentine’s day with.

Use this opportunity to tag your business besties and show support!

I think I am taking the Galentine’s route this year 🥂

Whichever way you decide to post about Valentine’s Day just remember…

In everything you do on social media, be unapologetically YOU.

I would LOVE to see your V-Day creations this year! Tag my Instagram profile @jmercermarketing & I will be your #1 fan!

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